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The complete regional guide to waterfront real estate, vacation rentals and water sport activities.
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How To Make Your Home
Flood Safe
By Capt. Dan Berg

The complete homeowners guide to storm protection, flood prevention, rebuilding with water resistant materials and house lifting.

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In recent years it has become apparent that natural disasters, including hurricanes and resulting floods, have become an increasingly common issue for homeowners. Repairing the destruction caused by these natural events has either put many in debt, or cost them their life savings. Now, with this informative new book, property owners can learn how to prepare in advance and protect their most valuable assets. Flood Safe is a 6x9 full color, soft cover text which provides information designed to help property owners, prepare for, clean up after and prevent future flood damage. Readers will learn how to prevent floodwaters from entering their homes, avert mold growth as well as proper utilization of water-resistant construction materials. The book contains a wealth of the authorís real-life solutions, learned from over 30 years of his own flood-related experiences. During the process of dealing with FEMA, public adjusters, surveyors, architects, building departments, house-lifting companies and contractors, the author learned, often the hard way, how the mitigation process works.

This book passes that information along and provides homeowners with a simple-to-follow guide allowing them to not only prevent water from entering their homes and to make the right decisions regarding rebuilding or mitigation, but to successfully navigate the seemingly endless government paperwork that many homeowners must deal with following any natural disaster. Flood Safe is set up in chronological order, starting with storm preparation and preventing flood damage, moving on to post-flood cleanup and mold prevention. Following sections detail repairs with water-resistant materials as well as extensive information on home elevation.

House lifting is perhaps the ultimate means of
flood mitigation, or preventing future flood damage. If you are considering lifting your home, this book details not only the types of lifting techniques for different home designs, but what homeowners can expect during the process. Readers will also learn how to make the finished lifted home have spectacular curb appeal. This text is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Included is a complete pictorial record showing the authorís home-elevation project. The author also helps homeowners navigate through the often overwhelming snarl of government red tape while seeking repair resources. The authorís goal is to provide a resource that prevents homeowners from wasting valuable time and effort. He gives the information needed prior to, during and after a flood.



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Captain Dan Berg's
Build a Ship in a Bottle
The complete how to guide to the ancient mariners art of ship in a bottle building

only $9.95

This heavily illustrated ebook is
5.5 x 8.5, 64 pages, 6.5 MB and loaded with color photographs and sketches. This printable ebook is available for immediate download as a PDF file.


Unlike other books on the subject, that provide a diagram and step by step instructions Capt. Dan attempts to teach model builders to understand the basic principals involved. After reading this heavily illustrated text, readers should have a good understanding of how to design rig and build both square sailed as well as fore and aft rigged vessels. They will then be able to apply the basic principles and techniques and build any type of sailing ship they choose. Please note that there are many different techniques used by different builders in creating their ship models. Some use elaborate mast hinges while others contend with a maze of rigging lines which all run through and under the hull. This book teaches Capt. Dan's basic and the straight forward simple techniques that the authors uses on all of his ship in a bottle models. These basics can be enhanced and modified as model builders become more proficient. Capt. Dan has included a showcase of ship in bottle images from some of the best master model builders in the world. Often the best way to improve skills and technique is to examine the exquisite work and detail of these masters.

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Nautical and Maritime Art for Waterfront Property Owners
Nautical Art is perhaps one of the best way to show your love of the ocean and the sea. Maritime paintings and prints can enhance any home but are almost required for waterfront property owners. You will find a variety of beautiful Coastal region related Shipwreck Chart Art by Capt. Daniel Berg.
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The Ultimate Guide to Waterfront Living, by Daniel Berg, Your complete guide to oceanfront, riverfront, lakefront and water view homes. Everything you need to know about waterfront real estate. This book is available as an inexpensive instant-download that you can print today and read again and again

The Ultimate Guide to Home Security, by Dan Berg, Your complete guide to locks, alarms, cameras and security systems designed to protect homeowners and their valuables. This book is available as an inexpensive instant-download that you can print today and read again and again
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