Waterfront Living Suggested Reading Guide
A complete list of the best waterfront living and real estate books for waterfront homeowners.



    Beach Homes are the ideal getaway homes, offering the peace and relaxation of living near water, the fun of hanging out on the beach, and the total change of environment from city life. Selected from the pages of Fine Homebuilding, this book provides inspiration for anyone dreaming of such a home, plus practical guidance for designing and building in this often-challenging environment. Chosen for their variety of styles and settings, these outstanding examples range from Northwest eclectic in Seattle to an elegant houseboat in Rhode Island, from the quintessential California beach house to an oceanfront classic in Nantucket, and from a kick-back Floridian cottage to a charming Canadian retreat. Throughout the book, photographs, floor plans, drawings, and expert building information give a full picture of the possibilities for at the beach.
Waterfront Homes A collection of gorgeous homes for those who dream of life on the water’s edge.

-Open floor plans with expansive views!

-Enjoy the beauty of a home alongside a lake, river, or ocean in this exclusive collection of homes designed for waterfront living.

-Whether readers are planning to build a year-round home or join the growing vacation home market, this book will delight and inspire them.

-This title showcases home plans that feature open floor plans, ample master suites and great rooms, large windows to enjoy the view, and porches and decks that extend the living space and embrace the outdoors.

-With an enhanced editorial section and the latest trends in home design, this second edition improves upon the best-selling original.

    Waterside Cottages defines the attributes of successful coastal decorating, so that anyone, anywhere can create a casual waterfront atmosphere, even when the nearest body of water is a thousand miles away.

Waterside property holds an undeniable appeal, as do the cozy, casual dwellings that exist there. But waterside style need not--and often is not--confined to residences within walking distance of an ocean or lake. The details are what truly give cottages that elusive quality known as coziness. Cottages near the water tend to be snug and modest, with exteriors painted in sun-reflecting whites, nautical blues, or playful colors. The interiors of these houses likewise avoid formality in favor of a casual approach. For many cottage owners, the goal is to create the illusion that their decor is somehow "thrown together," albeit very tastefully.

From tidy New England beach cottages to bright tropical bungalows to a boathouse on the steep, pine-studded banks of the Kalamazoo River, Waterside Cottages showcases thirteen romantic havens, giving you inspiration for creating your own cozy waterside home.
    Coastal Style is a magnificent celebration of simple shore side life. Featuring hundreds of fabulous photographs of homes around the world, it covers all aspects of decorative seaside style—from the creation of light and breezy rooms to the selection of simple furniture and furnishings that echo the natural beauty of the surf and sand. Also featured are tips on the best fabrics to use—from nautical stripes to cool cotton canvas—and advice on coastal colors, from shades of oyster gray to bold splashes of aquamarine. Whatever type of home you have, from a high-rise apartment to a getaway in the country, you can create a beachy feel. Simply follow Sally Hayden and Alice Whately’s room-by-room guide to seaside chic, and you will discover how to make tranquil living areas, balmy bedrooms, and shipshape kitchens. Cool understatement is key—and this extends to marine-inspired bathrooms and outdoor living areas that celebrate the lazy elegance of sun-warmed decks and the pleasure of cooking and eating al fresco. • Fabulous photographs by Paul Massey. • Hundreds of photographs provide inspiration for coastal style, whatever type of home you have.
    Beach Cottages
The words alone have the hypnotic associations Henry James once famously ascribed to summer afternoon–“the two most beautiful words in the English language.” Lifelong beach girl Mary Emmerling captures that implicit promise of freedom in her captivating volume celebrating the American beach cottage.

Much of the beach house’s allure is in its reflection of a simpler way of life, a pared-down existence where the breeze is the housekeeper, the furnishings don’t mind a damp swimsuit, and the most precious treasures are seashells and memories. In Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages, Mary invites us into seventeen coastal retreats that capture that spirit, and introduces us to the people who take joy from them.

Join Mary on a warm, intimate tour of unique seaside escapes, including:

•A pint-sized artist’s studio in Key West
•A dramatic black-and-white retreat in Newport Beach, California
•A shell-lined jewel box in Laguna Beach, California
•A nautically inspired Cape Cod getaway
•A haven in Galveston, Texas, with sea-grass rugs and matchstick blinds
•The homes of designers such as Barclay Butera and Rachel Ashwell
•Mary’s own charming cottage, complete with beach balls, sailfish, and beaded curtains

With gorgeously photographed profiles of easy-going seaside homes and innovative design solutions for everyday living, Mary Emmerling’s Beach Cottages is both beautiful and inspirational. Like a beloved seaside haven, this is a book to return to again and again.
Cottages on the Coast Wherever they are located, seaside dwellings share several common traits. These hearty homes are crafted from tried and true materials that age gracefully in the sea air and reflect local building traditions and styles. They balance the storms of winter with the peaceful days of summer and maximize beautiful views whatever the season.

Cottages on the Coast presents an extensive variety of homes from sea to shining sea. Linda Leigh Paul selected more than 25 examples from Bainbridge Island, to Big Sur, from the Florida Keys, to Tybee Island, and north to Maine. You will be captivated by hundreds of beautiful photographs of vernacular exteriors and very personal interiors.

Cottages on the Coast stands out because the interiors and exteriors exude a lot of personality, and they seem authentic and attainable. New England is well represented with houses in Maine, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket. The tranquil cover image, Treasure Cottage on Key West is truly a cottage at a mere 500 square feet. Treasure Cottage is filled with the owners carefully arranged antique collection, which does not clutter the small space but gives the home so much personality. Other examples, a modernist cottage designed by a Frank Lloyd Wright pupil in Carmel, complete with loads of natural light, and built-in furnishings. Or a cottage recently built on a private island in the Puget Sound, built on a solid rock foundation, with enormous interior beams to withstand the fiercest storms, decorated in a simple manner re-using found materials such as driftwood for a mantel and stair case railing.

Cottages on the Coast will be a source of inspiration for readers who are considering rehabbing, designing, or decorating a seaside dwelling. Or if you are an avid armchair traveler Cottages on the Coast will fill you with travel ideas for your next coastal break.

    Waterfront Retreats A home by the lake or sea, a refuge by the water's edge, is the romantic dream of almost every homeowner. But the technical and aesthetic challenges of waterside construction place unique demands on the builder. Through exquisite photography and detailed architectural plans, this volume explores innovative residential designs from around the globe to illustrate how top architectural firms have met those challenges and created some of the most strikingly beautiful homes in the world.
    A House on the Water There is a universal longing to live near the water ... and this inspiring book can make that dream come true. What's it really like to live near the sea (or on a lake or at the river's edge)? Maine architect Robert Knight looks at 25 well-designed dream homes that are enhanced by the water around them; and he presents six design themes to help the reader understand what makes a house on the water work well. Over 300 color photos and site plans are featured in this outstanding portfolio of homes filled with inspiration.



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For anyone that lives or vacations on the water or wants to. A complete assortment of waterfront living, real estate and beach living books.
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Nautical and Maritime Art for Waterfront Property Owners
Nautical Art is perhaps one of the best way to show your love of the ocean and the sea. Maritime paintings and prints can enhance any home but are almost required for waterfront property owners. You will find a variety of beautiful Coastal region related Shipwreck Chart Art by Capt. Daniel Berg.
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