Flood and Water Resistant Construction Guide
The complete guide to weather and flood resistant construction ideas aimed to protect the interior of your waterfront home from storm damage.




Above: After the flood and rebuild with water resistant materials.

How To Make Your Home
Flood Safe
By Capt. Dan Berg

The complete homeowners guide to storm protection, flood prevention, rebuilding with water resistant materials and house lifting.

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In recent years it has become apparent that natural disasters, including hurricanes and resulting floods, have become an increasingly common issue for homeowners. Repairing the destruction caused by these natural events has either put many in debt, or cost them their life savings. Now, with this informative new book, property owners can learn how to prepare in advance and protect their most valuable assets. Flood Safe is a 6x9 full color, soft cover text which provides information designed to help property owners, prepare for, clean up after and prevent future flood damage. Readers will learn how to prevent floodwaters from entering their homes, avert mold growth as well as proper utilization of water-resistant construction materials. The book contains a wealth of the authorís real-life solutions, learned from over 30 years of his own flood-related experiences. During the process of dealing with FEMA, public adjusters, surveyors, architects, building departments, house-lifting companies and contractors, the author learned, often the hard way, how the mitigation process works.

This book passes that information along and provides homeowners with a simple-to-follow guide allowing them to not only prevent water from entering their homes and to make the right decisions regarding rebuilding or mitigation, but to successfully navigate the seemingly endless government paperwork that many homeowners must deal with following any natural disaster. Flood Safe is set up in chronological order, starting with storm preparation and preventing flood damage, moving on to post-flood cleanup and mold prevention. Following sections detail repairs with water-resistant materials as well as extensive information on home elevation.

House lifting is perhaps the ultimate means of flood mitigation, or preventing future flood damage. If you are considering lifting your home, this book details not only the types of lifting techniques for different home designs, but what homeowners can expect during the process. Readers will also learn how to make the finished lifted home have spectacular curb appeal. This text is packed with hundreds of full-color photographs and illustrations. Included is a complete pictorial record showing the authorís home-elevation project. The author also helps homeowners navigate through the often overwhelming snarl of government red tape while seeking repair resources. The authorís goal is to provide a resource that prevents homeowners from wasting valuable time and effort. He gives the information needed prior to, during and after a flood.



Below: Noreaster of 2011 resulted in the highest tides in past 50 years. Hundreds of East Coast homes were flooded by the quick moving storm. Fortunately, the tide came up fast and then went out fast but in those few hours the storm caused quite a bit of damage was done.

Homeowners attempt to build a dam and pump the water out faster than it seeps in. The wood actually held until the water level reached 3 feet. Than the water pressure bowed the temporary plywood dam and incoming water overcame the pump. Overall the idea still worked as it kept the water level inside the home to about 6 inches rather than 4 feet!

One of the downsides to owning waterfront property is the chance of floods and storm damage. Of course good prevention and proper planning are mandatory but bottom line Mother Nature always wins. If and or when your home does get flooded consider using some water resistant materials for the rebuild.

Salt water flowing into the lower level of a creek front home. Even if you have good flood insurance remember the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company. He will often make decisions that benefit them rather than the homeowner. The example above and below show a room that the insurance company wanted to list as a basement. As such it would not have been covered by flood insurance. In fact FEMA specifies that all four walls of a room have to be sub grade for the room to be designated a basement. In the example below the garage and driveway are a step down from this lower level. It took a bit of time and effort the this homeowner was able to prove his point and the insurance company had to pay out on the existing flood policy.


After a flood rip up all the carpets and cut up the bottom of the walls, removing any moist sheetrock. To avoid mold Its best to bring in fans and completely dry the area.

Now the rebuild begins. Hire a professional or make it a family project either way do some research and plan how to prevent water from coming back in and how to reduce damage if the area dose ever get flooded again.


The plan was to make a room water resistant. This way if it ever flooded again all the homeowner would have to do is rinse with fresh water and mop up the mess.

Looking at the same room as shown above. The finished product uses durarock instead of sheetrock on the walls. Over the durarock vinyl wainscoting and pvc trim make the entire bottom of the wall water resistant. In addition this homeowner used ceramic tile instead of carpet. The floor is pitched so water will run out rather than into the room. For insulation he decided on Styrofoam and filled in any voids with spray insulation. Also note the placement of the built in display cabinets. The cabinets are now off the floor and much less susceptible to water damage. Best of all the homeowner will not have to move all of the display items as the tide is coming up!

Bottom line, no one can ever completely prepare for a flood but for about the same construction cost its fairly easy to make low lying rooms a little more water resistant.


How To Make Your Home
Flood Safe
By Capt. Dan Berg

The complete homeowners guide to storm protection, flood prevention, rebuilding with water resistant materials and house lifting.

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