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Indiana Waterfront Real Estate. Everything you need for a real estate investment, vacation or just relative information about Indiana Waterfront Real Estate and the State of Indiana. We hope you find these Indiana Waterfront Real Estate links helpful. Residents of Indiana enjoy boating, fishing as well as canoeing on many of the States lakes. This site should contain everything you need to know about Indiana Waterfront Real Estate and subjects dealing with it. Thank you for visiting us today and we hope you found our page about Indiana Waterfront Real Estate helpful. 

    Major Rivers - Ohio River, Wabash River, White River, Tippecanoe River
Anderson River, Indiana (Crawford County)
Big Blue River, Indiana (Henry County)
Blue River, Indiana (Washington County)
East Fork of White River, Indiana
Eel River, Indiana (Boone County)
Eel River, Indiana (Allen County)
Elkhart River, Indiana (Noble County)
Flatrock River, Indiana (Henry County)
Iroquois River, Indiana (Jasper County)
Kankakee River, Indiana
Little Wabash River, Indiana (Allen County)
Lost River, Indiana (Martin County)
Maumee River, Indiana
Muscatatuck River, Indiana (Jefferson County)
Patoka River, Indiana (Orange County)
Pigeon River, Indiana
Salamonie River, Indiana (Jay County)
Tippecanoe River, Indiana
Wabash River, Indiana
White River, Indiana (Randolph County)
Whitewater River, Indiana (Hamilton County)
Yellow River, Indiana (St. Joseph County)

Lakes and ponds in Indiana
Adams Lake, Indiana
Barton Lake, Indiana
Bass Lake, Indiana (Starke County)
Big Barbee Lake, Indiana
Big Cedar Lake, Indiana
Big Chapman, Indiana
Big Long Lake, Indiana
Big Otter Lake, Indiana
Big Turkey Lake, Indiana
Big Walnut Creek, Indiana
Brookville Lake, Indiana
Bruce Lake, Indiana
Camelot Lake, Indiana
Cataract Lake, Indiana
Cedar Lake, Indiana
Chainolake, Indiana
Clear Lake, Indiana (Steuben County)
Coldwater Lake, Indiana
Cordry Lake, Indiana
Crooked Lake, Indiana (Steuben County)
Dallas Lake, Indiana
Dewart Lake, Indiana
Echo Lake, Indiana
Fish Lake, Indiana
Freeman, Lake, Indiana (Carroll County)
Geist Reservoir, Indiana
George, Lake, Indiana (Lake County)
Glen Flint Lake, Indiana
Grandview Lake, Indiana
Hamilton Lake, Indiana
Heritage Lake, Indiana
Hoffman Lake, Indiana
Hovey Lake, Indiana (Posey County)
Hudson Lake, Indiana
Huntington Lake, Indiana (Huntington County)
Indian Chain of Lakes, Indiana
James, Lake, Indiana (Steuben County)
Jimmerson Lake, Indiana
Koontz Lake, Indiana
Kuhn Lake, Indiana
Lake Dale, Indiana
Lake Eliza, Indiana
Lake Everett, Indiana
Lake Freeman, Indiana
Lake Gage, Indiana
Lake George, Indiana
Lake Holiday, Indiana
Lake James, Indiana
Lake LaTonka, Indiana
Lake Lemon, Indiana
Lake Louise, Indiana
Lake Manitou, Indiana
Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana
Lake Michigan, Indiana
    According to
Lake Michigan
is the only one of the Great Lakes wholly within the borders of the United States; the others are shared with Canada. It has a surface area of 22,300 square miles (57,750 square km), making it the largest freshwater lake in the US, the largest lake entirely within one country, and the 5th largest lake in the world. It is 307 miles (494 km) long by 118 miles (190 km) wide with a shoreline 1,640 mi (2,633 km) long. The lake's average depth is 279 ft (85 m), while its greatest depth is 925 ft (282 m). It contains a volume of 1,180 cubic mi (4,918 cubic km) of water. Its surface averages 577 ft (176 m) above sea level, the same as Lake Huron, to which it is connected through the Straits of Mackinac.

Lake Monroe, Indiana
Lake of the Woods, Indiana
Lake Papakeechie, Indiana
Lake Santee, Indiana
Lake Shafer, Indiana
Lake Sullivan, Indiana
Lake Tippecanoe, Indiana
Lake Wabee, Indiana
Lake Waveland, Indiana
Lake Wawasee, Indiana
Lake Webster, Indiana
Langenbaum Lake, Indiana
Lawrence Lake, Indiana
Lemon, Lake, Indiana
Lime Lake, Indiana
Little Barbee Lake, Indiana
Little Chapman Channel, Indiana
Little Otter Lake, Indiana
Long Beach Lake, Indiana
Long Lake, Indiana
Loon Lake, Indiana
Martin Lake, Indiana
Manitou, Lake, Indiana
Maxinkuckee, Lake, Indiana (Marshall County)
Mississinewa Lake, Lake Michigan
Monroe Lake, Indiana
Morse Lake, Indiana
Mud Lake, Indiana
Nelson Lake, Indiana
North Twin Lake, Indiana
Nyona Lake, Indiana
Oliver Lake, Indiana
Otter Lake, Indiana
Patoka Lake, Indiana
Pike Lake, Indiana
Pine Canyon Lake, Indiana
Pine Lake, Indiana
Pretty Lake, Indiana
Prince's Lake, Indiana
Raccoon Lake, Indiana
Rocky Fork Lake, Indiana
Royer Lake, Indiana
Saw Mill Lake, Indiana
Shriner Lake, Indiana
Shafer, Lake, Indiana (White County)
Silver Lake, Indiana
Simonton Lake, Indiana
Snow Lake, Indiana
St. Joseph River, Indiana
Sugar Hills Lake, Indiana
Sweetwater Lake, Indiana
Sylvan Lake, Indiana
Syracuse Lake, Indiana
Tippecanoe River, Indiana
Twin Beach Lake, Indiana
Van Bibber Lake, Indiana
Wall Lake, Indiana
Wawasee, Lake, Indiana
West Otter Lake, Indiana
Westler Lake, Indiana
Witmer Lake, Indiana
Yellow Creek, Indiana
Yellow Lake, Indiana

Creeks in Indiana
Big Creek, Indiana (Vanderburgh County)
Big Creek, Indiana (Ripley County)
Big Monon Creek, Indiana (Pulaski County)
Big Raccoon Creek, Indiana
Cicero Creek, Indiana (Tipton County)
Deer Creek, Indiana (Miami County)
Greenville Creek, Indiana
Indian Creek, Indiana (Clark County)
Laughery Creek, Indiana (Ripley County)
Little Pigeon Creek, Indiana (Warrick County)
Mill Creek, Indiana (Hendricks County)
Pigeon Creek, Indiana (Steuben County)
Quick Creek Reservoir, Indiana
Raccoon Creek, Indiana (Boone County)
Salt Creek, Indiana (Brown County)
Sugar Creek, Indiana (Clinton County)
Sugar Creek, Indiana (Henry County)
Whitelick Creek, Indiana (Boone County)
Wildcat Creek, Indiana (Tipton County)

Reservoirs in Indiana
Brookville Lake, Indiana
Cagles Mill Lake, Indiana
Geist Reservoir, Indiana
Hardy Lake, Indiana (Scott County)
Mississinewa Lake, Indiana
Monroe Lake, Indiana
Morse Reservoir, Indiana (Hamilton County)
Patoka Lake, Indiana
Salamonie Lake, Indiana
Yellow Creek Lake, Indiana
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