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Massachusetts Waterfront Real Estate. Everything you need for a real estate investment, vacation or just relative information about Massachusetts Waterfront Real Estate and the State of Massachusetts. Residents of Massachusetts enjoy boating, offshore fishing as well as kayaking off the coast as well as on many of the States lakes. We hope you find these Massachusetts Waterfront Real Estate links helpful. This site should contain everything you need to know about Massachusetts Waterfront Real Estate and subjects dealing with it. Thank you for visiting us today and we hope you found our page about Massachusetts Waterfront Real Estate helpful. 

Lakes in Ma
Ames Long Pond, Massachusetts
Ashmere Lake, Massachusetts
Benedict Pond, Massachusetts
Big Pond, Massachusetts
Boston Harbor, Massachusetts
Bungay Lake, Massachusetts
Cape Cod Lake, Massachusetts
Center Lake, Massachusetts
Chaubunagungamaug, Lake, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
Cheshire Reservoir, Massachusetts
Congamond Lake, Massachusetts

Cochituate, Lake, Massachusetts (Middlesex County)

Crystal Lake, Massachusetts
Excalibur Lake, Massachusetts
Falls Pond, Massachusetts
Forge Pond, Massachusetts
Fort Meadow Reservoir, Massachusetts
Fort Pond, Massachusetts
Goose Pond, Massachusetts
Greenwater Pond, Massachusetts
Greenwood (Bungay) Lake, Massachusetts
Hickory Hills Lake, Massachusetts
John's Pond, Massachusetts
Lake Archer, Massachusetts
Lake Buel, Massachusetts
Lake Chargoggagogg, Massachusetts
Lake Cochituate, Massachusetts (Middlesex County)
Lake Garfield, Massachusetts
Lake Hamilton, Massachusetts
Lake Lashaway, Massachusetts
Lake Maspenock, Massachusetts
Lake Mirimichi, Massachusetts
Lake Nipmuc, Massachusetts
Lake Onota, Massachusetts (Berkshire County)
Lake Pearl, Massachusetts
Lake Pleasant, Massachusetts
Lake Quabbin, Massachusetts
Lake Rohunta, Massachusetts
Lake Sabbatia, Massachusetts
Lake Shirley, Massachusetts
Lake Thompson, Massachusetts
Lake Whitehall, Massachusetts
Lake Wickabog, Massachusetts
Lake Winthrop, Massachusetts
Lake Wyola, Massachusetts
Laurel Lake, Massachusetts
Long Pond, Massachusetts
Long Sought for Pond, Massachusetts
Manchaug Lake, Massachusetts
Marl Lake, Massachusetts
Mirror Lake, Massachusetts
Norton Reservoir, Massachusetts
Otis Reservoir, Massachusetts
Packard Pond, Massachusetts
Pine Island Lake, Massachusetts
Plantain Pond, Massachusetts
Prospect Lake, Massachusetts
Queen Lake, Massachusetts
Quinsigamond, Lake, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
Richmond Pond, Massachusetts
Robin Hood Lake, Massachusetts
Robins Pond, Massachusetts
Round Pond, Massachusetts
Shaw Pond, Massachusetts
Sheep Pond, Massachusetts
Spectacle Pond, Massachusetts
Stiles Lake, Massachusetts
Sunset Lake, Massachusetts
Tully Lake, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
Tully Pond, Massachusetts
Tully River, Massachusetts
Waushakum Pond, Massachusetts
Webster Lake, Massachusetts
Wyman Pond, Massachusetts
Yokum Pond, Massachusetts
York Pond, Massachusetts



According to
Lake Quinsigamond (also Long Pond) is a body of water situated between the city of Worcester and the town of Shrewsbury in Worcester County in Massachusetts. It is 4 miles (6 km) long, between 50 and 85 feet (15 and 26 m) deep, and has a surface area of approximately 772 acres (3.1 km²). Lake Quinsigamond hosts 8 islands with the majority owned by private citizens. Two islands are connected to land via bridge. The largest island, Drake Island, is still state owned. Water from the lake empties into the Blackstone River.

The Quabbin Reservoir is the largest body of water in the state of Massachusetts. Built between 1930 and 1940, it is the primary water supply for Boston. It has an aggregate capacity of 412 billion U.S. gallons (1.56 km³) and an area of 37 square miles (96 km²). Water from the Quabbin flows to the Wachusett Reservoir by way of the Quabbin Aqueduct. The Quabbin watershed is managed by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation; the water supply system is operated by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority.

Major Rivers - Charles River, Connecticut River, Merrimack River
• Acushnet River, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)
• Agawam River, Massachusetts
• Annisquam River, Massachusetts
• Assabet River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Barrington River, Massachusetts
• Bass River, Massachusetts
• Blackstone River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor, Massachusetts
• Charles, Massachusetts
• Chicopee River, Massachusetts
• Concord, River, Massachusetts
• Hoosic River, Massachusetts
• Housatonic, Massachusetts
• Ipswich River, Massachusetts (Middlesex County)
• Mill River, Massachusetts (Hampshire County)
• Mill River, Massachusetts
• Millers River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Mystic, Massachusetts
• Nashua River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Neponset River, Massachusetts (Norfolk County)
• North River, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)
• Otter River, Massachusetts
• Quaboag River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Quinebaug River, Massachusetts
• Scantic River, Massachusetts
• Squannacook River, Massachusetts
• Still River, Massachusetts
• Sudbury River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Swift River, Massachusetts
• Taunton River, Massachusetts (Norfolk County)
• Ware River, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Warren River, Massachusetts
• Westfield River, Massachusetts (Berkshire County)
• Weweantic River, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)

Islands in Massachusetts
• Bakers Island, Massachusetts
• Brewster Islands, Massachusetts
• Bumpkin Island, Massachusetts
• Calf Island, Massachusetts
• Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts (Dukes County)
• Cuttyhunk Island, Massachusetts
• Deer Island, Massachusetts
• Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts
• Gallop's Island, Massachusetts
• Georges Island, Massachusetts
• Grape Island, Massachusetts
• Graves, Massachusetts
• Great Brewster Island, Massachusetts
• Great Island, Massachusetts
• Great Misery Island, Massachusetts
• Little Brewster Island, Massachusetts
• Long Island, Massachusetts
• Lovell's Island, Massachusetts
• Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts (Dukes County)
• Middle Brewster Island, Massachusetts
• Misery Island, Massachusetts
• Monomoy Island, Massachusetts
• Moon Island, Massachusetts
• Nantucket, Massachusetts
• Naushon Island, Massachusetts
• Outer Brewster Island, Massachusetts
• Oyster Harbors, Massachusetts
• Pasque Island, Massachusetts
• Peddocks Island, Massachusetts
• Penikese Island, Massachusetts
• Plum Island, Massachusetts
• Rainsford Island, Massachusetts
• Spectacle Island, Massachusetts
• Thacher Island, Massachusetts
• Thompson Island, Massachusetts
• Tuckernuck Island, Massachusetts

Bays of Massachusetts
• Bay View, Massachusetts
• Boston Bay, Massachusetts
• Dorchester Bay, Massachusetts
• Duxbury Bay, Massachusetts
• Ipswich Bay, Massachusetts
• Pleasant Bay, Massachusetts
• Quincy Bay, Massachusetts
• Tarpaulin Cove, Massachusetts

Harbors of Massachusetts
• Annisquam Harbor, Massachusetts
• Cheshire Harbor, Massachusetts
• Green Harbor, Massachusetts
• Rock Harbor, Massachusetts
• Townsend Harbor, Massachusetts

Reservoirs in Massachusetts
• Assawompsett Pond, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)
• East Brimfield Lake, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Great Quittacas Pond, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)
• Knightville Reservoir, Massachusetts (Hampshire County)
• Littleville Lake, Massachusetts (Hampshire County)
• Long Pond, Massachusetts
• Mystic Lakes, Massachusetts (Middlesex County)
• Pontoosuc Lake, Massachusetts (Berkshire County)
• Quabbin Reservoir, Massachusetts
• Snipatuit Pond, Massachusetts (Plymouth County)
• Sudbury Reservoir, Massachusetts (Middlesex County)
• Wachusett Reservoir, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
• Watuppa Ponds, Massachusetts (Bristol County)
• Westville Lake, Massachusetts (Worcester County)
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