The Maine Waterfront Home and Property Guide
The complete guide to lakefront, riverfront and waterfront homes, real estate and living in Maine.



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Maine Waterfront Real Estate. Find everything you need for a waterfront, lakefront, beachfront or water view real estate investment, vacation or just relative information about Maine Waterfront Real Estate and Maine. Residents of Maine enjoy a long tradition of fishing, & boating. The area is famous for its seafood, especially the Maine lobster. Maine is also well known for producing some of the finest sea worthy Downeast Work Boats. We hope you find these Maine Waterfront Real Estate links helpful. This site should contain everything you need to know about Maine waterfront real estate.  Waterfront Real Estate and subjects dealing with it.

    Rivers in Maine (ME)
Androscoggin River, Maine
Allagash River, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Aroostook River, Maine
Bear River, Maine (Oxford County)
Carrabassett River, Maine (Franklin County)
Cobscook River, Maine
Crooked River, Maine (Oxford County)
Dead River, Maine
Dead River, Maine (Androscoggin County)
Dennys River, Maine (Washington County)
East Machias River, Maine (Washington County)
Eastern River, Maine (Lincoln County)
Fish River, Maine (Aroostook County)
Fish River Lakes, Maine (Aroostook County)
Fore River, Maine
Great Works River, Maine (York County)
Kenduskeag Stream, Maine (Penobscot County)
Kennebec River, Maine
Kennebunk River, Maine (York County)
Little Madawaska River, Maine (Aroostook County)
Machias River, Maine (Washington County)
Machias River, Maine (Aroostook County)
Magalloway River, Maine (Oxford County)
Mattawamkeag River, Maine (Aroostook County)
Medomak River, Maine (Knox County)
Meduxnekeag River, Maine (Aroostook County)
Moose River, Maine (Franklin County)
Mousam River, Maine (York County)
Narraguagus River, Maine
Nezinscot River, Maine
Nonesuch River, Maine
Passagassawakeag River, Maine (Waldo County)
Penobscot, Maine
Piscataquis River, Maine
Pleasant River, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Pleasant River, Maine (Washington County)
Presumpscot River, Maine (Cumberland County)
Royal River, Maine (Cumberland County)
Saint Croix Stream, Maine (Aroostook County)
Saint George River, Maine (Waldo County)
Saint John River, Maine
Sandy River, Maine (Franklin County)
Sandy River, Maine (Franklin County)
Sebasticook River, Maine (Somerset County)
Seboeis River, Maine (Penobscot County)
Sheepscot River, Maine (Waldo County)
Songo River, Maine (Cumberland County)
Stroudwater River, Maine (York County)
St. John River
Swift River, Maine (Franklin County)
Union River, Maine (Hancock County)
Weskeag River, Maine (Knox County)
York River, Maine

Lakes in the State of Maine (ME) 
3 Mile Pond, Maine
Allagash Lake, Maine Piscataquis County)
Alligator Lake, Maine Ambajejus Lake, Maine
Androscoggin Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Annabessacook, Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Attean Pond, Maine (Somerset County)
Barrow Lake, Maine Bear Lake, Maine
Baskahegan Lake, Maine (Washington County)
Beaver Pond, Maine Beddington Lake, Maine
Beau Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Beech Hill Lake, Maine
Belgrade Stream, Maine
Belgrade Lakes, Maine (Kennebec County)
Big Greenwood Pond, Maine
Big Indian Lake, Maine
Big Lake, Maine (Washington County)
Big Wood Lake, Maine
Black Pond, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Bog Pond, Maine
Bottle Lake, Maine
Boyden Lake, Maine
Branch Lake, Maine
Brandy Pond, Maine
Brewer Lake, Maine
Bryant Pond, Maine
Brassua Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Cambolasse Pond Canton Lake, Maine Caribou Pond, Maine
Carry Ponds, Maine (Somerset County)
Caribou Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Cathance Lake, Maine
Caucomgomoc Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Cedar Lake, Maine Center Pond, Maine Chamberlain Lake, Maine
Chamberlain Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Chemo Pond, Maine Chickawaukie Lake, Maine
Cross Lake, Maine
Chain of Ponds, Maine (Franklin County)
China Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Chiputneticook Lakes, Maine
Cobbosseecontee, Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Churchill Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Clearwater Pond, Maine
Cold Stream Pond, Maine
Crawford Pond, Maine Crescent Lake, Maine Crystal Lake, Maine
Cupsuptic Lake, Maine
Cuxabexis Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Daigle Pond, Maine
Damariscotta Lake, Maine (Lincoln County)
David Pond, Maine Davis Pond, Maine
Deep Creek Lake, Maine
Deering Lake, Maine Duck Lake, Maine
East Grand Lake, Maine
East Musquash Lake, Maine (Washington County)
East Pond, Maine
Embden Pond, Maine
Eskutassis Pond, Maine
Eagle Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Flanders Pond, Maine
First Roach Pond, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Flying Pond, Maine
Folsom Pond, Maine Forest Lake, Maine
Gardner Lake, Maine (Washington County)
Glazier Lake, Maine
Graham Lake, Maine
Grand Lake, Maine
Grand Lake Matagamon, Maine
Graham Lake, Maine (Hancock County)
Grand Lake Matagamon, Maine
Grand Lake Seboeis, Maine (Penobscot County)
Grand Lake Stream, Maine Great East Lake, Maine
Grand Lake Stream, Maine (Washington County)
Green Lake, Maine (Hancock County)
Great Moose Lake, Maine Great Pond, Maine
Great Moose Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Great Pond Stream, Maine Green Brook Lake, Maine Green Lake, Maine Hadley Lake, Maine
Hancock Pond, Maine
Hicks Pond, Maine
Highland Lake, Maine Holden Pond, Maine Horseshoe Lake, Maine
Haymock Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Indian Pond, Maine (Somerset County)
Jo-Mary Lakes, Maine
Kennebec River, Maine
Kennebago Lake, Maine (Franklin County)
Keoka Lake, Maine Kimball Pond, Maine
Kezar Lake, Maine (Oxford County)
Lake Arrowhead, Maine
Lake Christopher, Maine
Lake Kezar, Maine
Lake Moosehead, Maine
Little Sebago Lake, Maine (Cumberland County)
Lake Sebasticook, Maine
Lake Wassookeag, Maine
Lake Wesserunsett, Maine
Little Lake Sebago, Maine
Little Ossipee Pond, Maine
Lake View, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Lobster Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Long Lake, Maine
Long Lake - Aroostook County, Maine Long Pond, Maine
Loon Pond, Maine
Loon Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Long Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Long Lake, Maine (Cumberland County)
Love Lake, Maine Lovejoy Pond, Maine Lowell Lake, Maine
Lovewell Pond, Maine (Oxford County)
Lower Sysladobsis Lake, Maine
Machias Lakes, Maine (Washington County)
Maranacook, Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Mattakeunk Stream, Maine
Mattanawcook Lake, Maine
Matteseunk Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Mattawamkeag River, Maine
Mattawamkeag Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
McGrath Pond, Maine
McWain Pond, Maine
Meddybemps Lake, Maine
Medunkeunk Stream, Maine
Messalonskee Lake, Maine
Mill Stream, Maine
Millinocket Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Minnehonk Lake, Maine
Molunkus Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Monson Pond, Maine Moose Pond, Maine Moosehead Lake, Maine Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Maine
Munsungan Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Musquacook Lakes, Maine
Mousam Lake, Maine (York County)
Nahmakanta Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Nesowadnehunk Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Nicatous Lake, Maine (Hancock County)
Nichols Pond, Maine North Pond, Maine North Twin Lake, Maine
Northeast Pond, Maine
Notched Pond, Maine Number 3 Pond, Maine Panther Pond, Maine
Papoose Pond, Maine
Parker Pond, Maine
Pattee's Pond, Maine
Pemaquid Pond, Maine
Penneseewasee Lake, Maine
Parmachenee Lake, Maine (Oxford County)
Pemadumcook Lake, Maine
Penobscot River, Maine
Penobscot Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Palfrey Lake, Maine
Pequacket Lake, Maine Philips Lake, Maine
Pennesseewassee, Lake, Maine (Oxford County)
Piscataquis River, Maine Pleasant Lake, Maine
Pleasant Pond, Maine (Kennebec County)
Plunkett Pond, Maine
Pocasset Lake, Maine
Pocumcus Lake, Maine (Washington County)
Pocomoonshine Lake, Maine
Portage Lake, Maine
Portage Lake, Maine
Priestly Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Pushaw Lake, Maine (Penobscot County)
Rangeley Lake, Maine
Ragged Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Rainbow Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Richardson Lakes, Maine
Ripogenus Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Ripley Pond, Maine Rocky Pond, Maine
Round Pond - Oxford County, Maine
Sabattus Lake/Pond, Maine
Sabbathday Lake, Maine Saco River\Lake, Maine Salmon Lake / Ellis Pond, Maine
Sandy River, Maine S
aponac Pond, Maine
Saturday Pond, Maine
Saint Froid Lake, Maine
Saint George Lake Maine (Waldo County)
Schoodic Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Sebasticook Lake, Maine (Penobscot County)
Sebec Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Seboeis Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Sebago Lake, Maine
Sebasticook Lake, Maine
Sebec Lake, Maine
Second Roach Pond, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Sennebec Lake, Maine
Sheepscot Lake, Maine
Spednik Lake, Maine
Sourdnahunk Lake, Maine
Silver Lake, Maine
Squa Pan Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Square Pond, Maine
Square Lake, Maine
St. Croix River, Maine
St. George, Maine
Swan Lake, Maine (Waldo County)
Taylor Pond, Maine
The Heath, Maine
Thomas Pond, Maine
Thompson Lake, Maine
Toddy Pond, Maine
Togus Pond, Maine
Twin Lakes, Maine (Penobscot County)
Upper Cold Stream Pond, Maine
Upper Pug Lake, Maine
Upper Range Pond, Maine
Upper Shin Pond, Maine Upper
Umbazooksus Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Umsaskis Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Unity Pond, Maine (Waldo County)
Sysladobsis Lake, Maine
Watchic Lake, Maine Webber Pond, Maine
Wesserunsett Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
West Musquash Lake, Maine
West Grand Lake, Maine (Washington County)
West Pond, Maine Wilson Pond, Maine
Webb, Lake, Maine (Franklin County)
Winniecook Lake, Maine
Unity Lake, Maine
Wyman Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Wytopitlock Lake, Maine (Aroostook County)
Woods Pond, Maine Wytopitlock Lake, Maine

Islands in Maine

Appledore Island, Maine
Bailey Island, Maine
Baker Island, Maine
Barters Island, Maine (Lincoln County)
Barton Island, Maine (Knox County)
Birch Island, Maine (Cumberland County)
Black Island, Maine
Calderwood Island, Maine (Knox County)
Carlow Island, Maine (Washington County)
Cedar Island, Maine
Chebeague Island, Maine
Clark Island, Maine (Knox County)
Cliff Island, Maine
Cousins Island, Maine
Cranberry Island, Maine (Knox County)
Crotch Island, Maine
Cushing Island, Maine
Damariscove Island, Maine (Lincoln County)
Deer Isle, Maine (Hancock County)
Deer Isle, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Dix Island, Maine (Knox County)
Dochet Island, Maine
Dyer Island, Maine (Knox County)
Eagle Island, Maine (Cumberland County)
Fisherman Island, Maine (Lincoln County)
Five Islands, Maine
Franklin Island, Maine
Friendship Island, Maine (Knox County)
Georges Islands, Maine (Knox County)
Goat Island, Maine
Great Chebeague Island, Maine
Great Cranberry Island, Maine
Great Diamond Island, Maine
Great Duck Island, Maine
Great Gott Island, Maine (Hancock County)
Great Island, Maine
Great Wass Island, Maine (Washington County)
Green Island, Maine (Knox County)
Haley's Island, Maine
House Island, Maine
Hurricane Island, Maine (Knox County)
Indian Island, Maine (Knox County)
Isle of Springs, Maine (Lincoln County)
Islesboro, Maine (Waldo County)
Isles of Shoals, Maine
Lane Island, Maine (Knox County)
Leadbetter Island, Maine (Knox County)
Little Chebeague Island, Maine
Littlejohn Island, Maine
Long Island, Maine (Hancock County)
Long Island, Maine
Louds Island, Maine
Machias Seal Islands, Maine (Washington County)
Mackworth Island, Maine
Marshall Island, Maine
Matinicus Isle, Maine (Knox County)
Metinic Island, Maine (Knox County)
Monhegan, Maine (Lincoln County)
Moose Island, Maine (Washington County)
Muscongus Island, Maine
Nash Island, Maine (Washington County)
Orrs Island, Maine
Peaks Island, Maine
Petit Manan Island, Maine (Washington County)
Placentia Island, Maine
Pond Island, Maine (Sagadahoc County)
Porcupines, the, Maine (Hancock County)
Presque Isle Stream, Maine (Aroostook County)
Rackliff Island, Maine (Knox County)
Ragged Island, Maine
Ragged Island, Maine
Ram Island, Maine (Lincoln County)
Richmond Island, Maine
Rutherford Island, Maine
Sawyer Island, Maine
Schoodic Island, Maine (Hancock County)
Seal Island, Maine
Seavey's Island, Maine
Sebascodegan Island, Maine
Seguin Island, Maine (Sagadahoc County)
Seven Hundred Acre Island, Maine (Waldo County)
Shoals, Isles of, Maine
Smuttynose Island, Maine
Squirrel Island, Maine
Sutton Island, Maine
Swan Island, Maine (Sagadahoc County)
Sweet Island, Maine
Treat's Island, Maine
Whitehead Island, Maine (Knox County)
Wood Island, Maine
Wooden Ball Island, Maine

Reservoirs of Maine
Aziscohos Lake, Maine (Oxford County)
Branch Lake, Maine (Hancock County)
Chesuncook Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Cold Stream Pond, Maine (Penobscot County)
Flagstaff Lake, Maine
Great Pond, Maine (Kennebec County)
Harrington Lake, Maine (Piscataquis County)
Indian Pond, Maine (Somerset County)
Megunticook Lake, Maine
Messalonskee Lake, Maine (Kennebec County)
Millinocket Lake, Maine
Moose Pond, Maine
Moosehead Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Mooselookmeguntic Lake, Maine (Oxford County)
Moxie Pond, Maine (Somerset County)
North Twin Lakes Reservoir, Maine (Penobscot County)
Parker Pond, Maine (Kennebec County)
Quakish Lake, Maine (Penobscot County)
Richardson Lakes, Maine (Oxford County)
Seboomook Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Spencer Lake, Maine (Somerset County)
Tacoma Lakes, Maine (Kennebec County)
Togus Pond, Maine (Kennebec County)
Tripp Pond, Maine (Androscoggin County)
Vanceboro Reservoir, Maine
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