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The complete guide to lakefront, riverfront and waterfront homes, real estate and living in Montana.



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Montana Waterfront Real Estate. Find everything you need for a waterfront, lakefront, beachfront or water view real estate investment, vacation or just relative information about Montana Waterfront Real Estate and Montana. Many of Montana's lakes provide residents with excellent boating and fishing opportunities. We hope you find these Montana Waterfront Real Estate links helpful. This site should contain everything you need to know about Montana Waterfront Real Estate and subjects dealing with it.

Lakes in Montana
Ashley Lake, Montana
Big Lake, Montana (Stillwater County)
Big Sky Lake, Montana
Bighorn Lake, Montana
Blanchard Lake, Montana
Bowdoin, Lake, Montana (Phillips County)
Canyon Ferry Lake, Montana
Clearwater River, Montana
Duck Lake, Montana
Earthquake Lake, Montana
Echo Lake, Montana
Elwell, Lake, Montana
Flathead Lake, Montana
Flathead River, Montana
Fort Peck Lake, Montana
Fort Peck Reservoir is a quarter million acre lake formed by a large earth filled dam on the Missouri River. The shoreline extends more than 1700 miles with many bays and points. The lake provides excellent boating and fishing opportunities and is a great way to view the Charles M. Russell Nat. Wildlife Refuge. Numerous species of fish abound in the lake including walleye, sauger, northern pike, small-mouth bass, perch, ling cod, lake trout and chinook salmon. Many record fish are caught on the lake each year.
Frances, Lake, Montana (Pondera County)
Georgetown Lake, Montana
Glen Lake, Montana
Hauser, Lake, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
Helena, Lake, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
Holland Lake, Montana
Holter Lake, Montana
Lake Blaine, Montana
Lake Koocanusa, Montana
Loon Lake, Montana
Lower Red Rock Lake, Montana
Lower Saint Mary Lake, Montana
McDonald, Lake, Montana
Quake Lake, Montana
Rogers Mountain Lake, Montana
Saint Mary Lake, Montana
Salmon Lake, Montana
Seeley Lake, Montana (Missoula County)
Spoon Lake, Montana
Swan Lake, Montana
Swan River, Montana
Tobacco River, Montana
Upper Holter Lake, Montana
Upper Red Rock Lake, Montana
Whitefish Lake, Montana (Flathead County)
Whitefish River, Montana


Major Rivers - Yellowstone River, Missouri River, Clark Fork River
Beaverhead River, Montana
Belly River, Montana (Glacier County)
Big Hole River, Montana (Beaverhead County)
Blackfoot River, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
Boulder River, Montana (Jefferson County)
Clark Fork, Montana (Silver Bow County)
Clarks Fork, Montana
Jefferson River, Montana
Judith River, Montana
Marias, Montana
Milk, Montana (Glacier County)
Musselshell River, Montana (Wheatland County)
North Fork Blackfoot River, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
North Fork Musselshell River, Montana (Meagher County)
Red Rock River, Montana
Redwater River, Montana
Ruby River, Montana (Madison County)
Saint Mary River, Montana
Smith River, Montana (Meagher County)
South Fork Musselshell River, Montana (Meagher County)
Stillwater River, Montana (Park County)
Sun River, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
Swan River, Montana (Missoula County)
Teton River, Montana (Teton County)
Thompson River, Montana (Lincoln County)
Tobacco River, Montana (Lincoln County)

Creeks of Montana
Beaver Creek, Montana (Fallon County)
Flint Creek, Montana (Granite County)
Flint Creek Range, Montana (Granite County)
O'Fallon Creek, Montana (Carter County)
Prickly Pear Creek, Montana (Jefferson County)
Red Lodge Creek, Montana (Carbon County)

Reservoirs of Montana
Ennis Lake, Montana
Fort Peck Lake, Montana (Phillips County)
Freezeout Lake, Montana (Teton County)
Fresno Reservoir, Montana (Hill County)
Georgetown Lake, Montana
Hebgen Lake, Montana (Gallatin County)
Holter Lake, Montana (Lewis and Clark County)
Hungry Horse Reservoir, Montana (Flathead County)
Lima Reservoir, Montana (Beaverhead County)
Medicine Lake, Montana (Sheridan County)
Nelson Reservoir, Montana (Phillips County)
Noxon Reservoir, Montana (Sanders County)
Red Rock Lakes, Montana (Beaverhead County)
Tiber Reservoir, Montana
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