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The Legal Sea Food Cookbook
Proprietor of the hugely popular family-owned chain that first hooked Bostonians 50 years ago and has now grown to more than two dozen fish restaurants along the East Coast, Berkowitz and co-author Doerfer update the 1988 Legal Sea Foods Cookbook. The first 60 pages are packed with information on selecting and storing seafood, descriptions of various fish and shellfish, as well as basic cooking techniques. The emphasis throughout is on simplicity, which Berkowitz insists is what brings out the best in seafood meals. Indeed, the ease with which most recipes can be made tends to belie just how successful the dishes are. They range from such appetizers as Crab Cakes and Stuffed Grape Leaves (filled with rice, shrimp and feta) to entrees like Bluefish with Almond Tomato Sauce, Swordfish in a Rosemary Lime Sauce and Haddock Escabeche with Carrots, in which the fish is briefly fried. Other sections include Leftovers (Fish Latkes), Salads (Crab Louis), and Pasta and Rice Dishes (Pasta with Pancetta and Shrimp). Vegetables and Side Dishes include the palate-pleasing Chipotle Sweet Potato Mash and Rhode Island Johnny Cakes. Among the 20 Sauces and Coatings is a sure-fire Tartar Sauce, and one of the desserts is the unusual Mango and Strawberry Shortcake. Illustrations are by Edward Koren.
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“Dreaming about the most joyous days of my life always brings me straight back to Boston. The two things that first come to mind are the wonderful championship days on the basketball court with the Celtics and the time spent enjoying the finest aspects of life at Legal Sea Foods. Now that I no longer live in Boston, I’m glad I can re-create some of my favorite Legal Sea Food dishes with The New Legal Sea Foods Cookbook.”
--Bill Walton, Boston Celtics 1986, Basketball Hall of Fame

“This cookbook, like Legal Sea Foods itself, is reliable, straightforward, and then full of surprises that delight around every turn.”
--Mark Kurlansky, author of Salt and Cod

“Legal Sea Foods has long set the gold standard of restaurant dining with their superbly prepared, top-quality seafood. With the publication of their newly revised cookbook, they bring many of their delicious restaurant classics to the home cook. A must for seafood lovers!”
--Nina Simonds, Asian food authority and author of A Spoonful of Ginger

“Even a fish wouldn’t get caught if he kept his mouth shut! That's an old weatherman’s expression--but I’ll never keep my mouth shut about Legal Sea Foods. Roger and his fish caught my fancy over twenty years ago. The BEST lobster rolls in the world! The cookbook is a great idea and the next best thing to dinner at a Legal Sea Foods restaurant.”
--Willard Scott, Today Show
The New York Times Seafood Cookbook

Over the years, New York Times cookbooks have won fans for their wide and winning recipe range. The New York Times Seafood Cookbook, edited by New York Times food writer Florence Fabricant, upholds the tradition, offering more than 250 recipes for nearly 100 kinds of fish and shellfish, presented alphabetically, from anchovies and barnacles to squid and yellowtail tuna. Additional chapters treat caviar and smoked fish and mixed seafood dishes, such as bouillabaisse, gumbos, and noodle preparations. The recipes come from contributors including chefs Mario Batali, Tom Colicchio, Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, and Fabricant herself.

From a vast recipe selection, dishes like Malaysian-Style Ginger Crab with Chile Sauce, Saucy Scallops with Spicy Bacon Corn Relish, and Roasted Cod with Niçoise Vinaigrette typify the "modern" dishes, while Corn and Lobster Chowder, Southern Fried Catfish and Hushpuppies, and a particularly nice seafood paella, exemplify more traditional fare. This is food that works for many occasions and that most readers can prepare pleasurably. Particularly useful, however, is the book's introductory material, which presents a wide range of topics--on today's expanded seafood market, environmental concerns, and acquaculture, among them--in concise, up-to-the-minute form. The usual rules concerning shopping, portion size, cooking techniques and the like are here too, but receive particularly sensible attention. (The wise shopper, says Fabricant, knows how to substitute one species for another when the market lacks a planned-on choice, finding substitutes that behave similarly in the pan to unavailable types.) The book's alphabetical organization (each entry also features a species "profile") allows readers to find specific information without hunting. Illustrated with color photos, the book offers truly useful information as well as that wide recipe range, as welcome now as ever. --Arthur Boehm

From Publishers Weekly
As Fabricant, a longtime writer for the dining section of the New York Times, notes in her introduction, the way Americans buy, cook and eat seafood has changed drastically over the last 50 or so years. Indeed, the recipes in this collection make use of a wide range of fish types and suggest numerous useful preparation methods. It's a shame, though, that the recipes have not been dated, as that might have made the book more useful in terms of culinary history. The recipes themselves, however, are streamlined and reliable. Within each chapter (fish, shellfish, caviar and smoked fish and mixed seafood preparations), recipes are grouped by the type of fish they feature, which are arranged in alphabetical order, so that the largest chapter, the one on fin fish, begins with anchovies (including a recipe for Puntarelle with Anchovies) and ends with yellowtail (Grilled Yellowtail with Mexican Marinade). Most fish types are introduced with an overview of the various types and possible substitutes, as in the explanation of flounder nomenclature. Some of the recipes come from famous-name chefs, such as a Croque-Monsieur with Salmon and Caviar from Eric Ripert of New York's fish temple Le Bernardin, and a Bean and Calamari Soup from Cesare Casella of the Tuscan restaurant Beppe. Other recipes, such as Alaskan Halibut and Salmon Gefilte Fish Terrine, illustrate a melting-pot cuisine particular to New York. A solid introduction provides tips for purchasing seafood and judging doneness and makes this generally excellent volume even more useful.
Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

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